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Andruchi System

If you are an online roulette player or play the game in actual casinos, you will face odds in the long term. In general, there is a 5.24% house edge, so if you want to make a profit, you have to come up with a type of short-term strategy for roulette. This exists through various roulette systems.

The Andruchi System

The Andruchi system is one system of roulette that is named after a mysteriously private Mr Andruchi. It is quite new and generally unproven, but a lot of people claim that it is great when used against roulette software. Some mathematical probabilities also exist that could change your opinion about this new system overall.

Some similarities exist between this system and another system called Pivot when it comes to its general philosophy. Both of them assume that over quite some time, every number on the wheel will appear the same amount of times. However, in the short term, some numbers will appear more than others, which isn't really a unnatural assumption.

With the Andruchi strategy, you basically have to put bets on numbers that come up more frequently.

A fundamental factor of the Andruchi system is the possibility of recording selected numbers in the very short term of 30 spins. As with the Pivot system, the perfect scenario would include you sitting and watching 30 spins without playing. However, online casinos require you to bet before the game starts, so it would be best to just make bets of even money for 30 spins as you take note of the results.

What to Do Next

After that, you have to mark which number shows up the most. If two numbers have the same amount of occurrences, pick one of them and put your bet on it for 30 spins in a row and watch what you get out of it. If both of the frequent numbers are adjacent numbers on the table layout, you can also make a split bet instead of opting for a straight bet.

Your goal would be to hit that number within 30 spins of flat bets. If it hits, you will be way ahead and pick another number from the next spins you have taken note of. This doesn't require too much effort. At actual casinos, you can bring some paper and a pencil or ask the casino for some. Online, the numbers usually appear on an online board anyway, though you might want another tool to ensure that you get things in the proper order in the end.


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