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D'Alembert System

The D'alembert system of betting refers to a popular betting strategy in casinos. Sometimes known as the Pyramid system of betting, the D'alembert system refers to a negative system of betting that got its name from a mathematician of the 18th century called Jean D'alembert.

This betting strategy bases itself on D'alembert Equilibrium Law, which basically says that over some time, a person can get higher chances of winning right after a loss, or the other way around.

Sadly, when it comes to gambling in casino's, the game's nature of being short term does everything but negate this law's mathematical principles. Still, a lot of gamblers put this betting system to use for blackjack roulette and baccarat.

How the System Works

This D'alembert strategy of betting is quite simple. After every loss, a player will increase his bet by one and after every win, he will reduce his bet by one. For instance, you can start with a $10 bet and if you lose, you should bet $20 next. Another loss would mean that your next bet has to be $30. Now, if that $30 bet is won, you can drop the next bet to $20 again.

Unlike with other systems of betting out there, no cycles exist that instantly drop you down to your first bet. Every bet will either be higher by one or lower compared to the last one, depending on your wins and losses. A system against D'alembert can also be used, but that strategy is completely reversed, which means that the bets get higher for every win and get lower for every loss.

The Advantages

One primary advantages of this betting system would be its ease of use. However, as a whole, this strategy is seen as risky because bets can skyrocket after losing streaks. Still, this system of betting is actually less risky compared to the Martingale strategy - another popular strategy - where players double each bet after every loss.

The D'alembert betting strategy is usually put to use in roulette games because they are merely games of luck, which usually require risky strategies of betting in order to get high returns anyway.


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