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All about best roulette casinos: most populat game venues

There a lot of online gambling providers and you are not recommended to waste your time trying to find some best of the best roulette casinos as almost all of them offer the same set of games. They differ mainly by various venues designs, sophisticated sound effects, options that allow video clips and live chats with other players.

Let us describe some most popular and reliable online gaming software providers with detailed description of their main features, so you could make an easy and correct choice where to learn how to play roulette wheel and try your luck.


Cryptologic, which is by right considered as one of the dinosaurs of online gaming, offers three types of roulette: American, European and VIP European game variations. The rules for Cryptologic games are mainly similar to generally accepted regulations that are practiced in land-based best roulette casinos.

Although, Cryptologic team added several features, which are to attract more gamblers. For instance, they provide the Surrender rule (Zero or Double Zero rule) in American roulette, which states that in case roulette ball hits any of zero positions, players, who make even-money bets, lose only the half of their initial bet. In such way, the Surrender rule decreases casino house edge from usual value of 5.23% to 2.63%.

Another specific characteristic of Cryptologic games concerns VIP European roulette which also offers Surrender rule. Concerning the fact that the house edge for common European version is 2.7%, the rule implementation puts it down to 1.35%, which makes the game more attractive.


Playtech is another pattern of reliable and often used online gaming supplier. It is interesting that the company was founded as result of cooperation between two brick and mortar casinos. The project became popular so rapidly that in 2002 a series of most trustworthy casinos joined them. Some casinos, such as Fortune, Miami Beach and GrandBanks even left their previous providers and switched to Playtech group.

In terms of roulette the company offers three versions of the game: Mini Roulette, American and European variations. The last two games are the same as usual ones and Mini Roulette is a simplified version of normal roulette game. It includes only 12 numbers and one zero position on roulette wheel.

Playtech stands out against a background of other providers and is notable for the feature that their software applications are easy downloadable and provide very user-friendly interface.


Microgaming software is available in Great Britain, Europe and Asia, but unfortunately it is not allowed for the US users at the moment.

The company offers four types of roulette game variations: American, Progressive, French and Gold Series French roulette, so even most hard-to-please players could find something that suits them best.

They also provide some special options:

  • in Progressive game gamblers have a chance to win the jackpot by placing particular side bets and if the same position is hit in succession, they could get a huge bonus payout;
  • in the last two types of roulette La Partage rule is offered.


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