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There are a lot of roulette variations and all of them are associated with one common and obligatory for all game's types feature, which is basically a roulette wheel. And the first thing that each player should know in order to learn how to play roulette wheel properly is its specific design characteristics.

Commonly, gamblers distinguish two main types of wheels: European roulette wheel, which is also known as a single zero wheel, and American roulette wheel, or a double zero wheel.

European roulette wheel

European roulette provides a wheel which contains 37 slots in a whole. 36 pockets are dedicated for the numbers from 1 to 36 and the last one is for single zero position. All slots are colored black or red in turns with an exception of zero slot which is green. Players are free to make bets on either a certain number or their combinations of two, three, four numbers, etc. All these bets have different payouts, which are associated with the probabilities of their winning. Logically, the bets, which are riskier, provide higher payouts, and vice versa.

It could seem that the numbers on roulette wheels are distributed in absolute random way but actually they are located so that the balance between colors, odd/even and high/low numbers keeps.

For European roulette there are three traditional ways of wheel's structure:

  • the "Tier du Cylindre" arc design includes the following numbers: 13, 36, 11, 16, 30, 24, 5, 33, 27, 8, 23, 10;
  • the "Orphans" and "Orphelins" arc comprises only 8 numbers: 17, 14, 6, 31, 9, 34, 20, 1;
  • the "Voisins du Zero" arc design provides 12 numbers: 29, 35, 3, 2, 22, 12, 15, 4, 18, 32, 7,28, 26, 0, 21, 19, 25.

American roulette wheel

American wheel is designed in a very similar way to European one with one significant peculiarity: it had an extra double zero slot, which is also green. The meaning of this additional slot is that it increases the house advantage over players. To make it clear, assume that you make a bet on a certain number, which means that the probability of your winning in American roulette is 1/38, while in European version it is 1/37.

These numbers are tightly connected to house edge values, which are 5.26% for American roulette and approximately 2.7% for European game. Thus, if there even exists some winning roulette system, it should be undoubtedly implemented in European game.

Moreover, double zero slot makes possible to place an additional bet in American roulette, which is called five number bet. This stake includes the following numbers: 1, 2, 3, 0, 00, and provides a payoff of 6-1, which is rather low comparing to other bets' payouts.

Another feature of American wheel is that the numbers on it are located in pairs exactly opposite to each other. Generally, there are also some typical design rules for American wheel:

  • each odd number should be opposite the next lower even number;
  • zero positions are to be located against each other;
  • red and black colored pocked also should be placed against each other.


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