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All information you always wanted to know about roulette game

Playing roulette is widely considered as one of the most widespread and exciting entertainments among all casino games. Although roulette rules might be regarded as quite simple and even primitive, there are still a lot of specific features and pitfalls inherent in different variations of the game which make playing roulette interesting and thrilled pastime.

Roulette wheel as roulette intrinsic attribute

The term 'roulette' itself is originally translated from French as 'little wheel' which emphasizes the importance of roulette wheel's role in the game in a whole. In order to learn how to play roulette wheel properly it is important to recognize its design and authentic characteristics firstly.

There are usually two types of wheels that are most commonly proposed by both online and land-based casinos: a single zero wheel that is associated with European game variation and a double zero wheel, which is used in American roulette correspondingly. The main difference between them consists in the different quantity of slots. There are usually 36 red or black colored and numbered from 1 to 36 pockets, and one green pocket for zero position in European wheel, while American one provides players with an additional double zero slot.

This distinction is important not only in the sense of design, but also influences the winnings' probabilities significantly. For instance, if you choose to make a single-number bet in European roulette, the probability of your win is 1/37 while the corresponding probability in American game is 1/38. Therefore, a common advice for roulette newbies is to play European version of the game.

Roulette table layout

Among other parts and parcels of roulette is its specific table layout which is the place where gamblers could locate their chips. It is designed so it has two main areas: one is dedicated for inside betting and the other - for outside stakes.

The first part of table layout is represented by a grid of 36 numbers, which are divided into 3 columns and 12 rows with zero positions at the top of table. Here, you could place the chips either on a certain number or on the lines between numbers if your bet includes their combination.

The second part comprises 3 boxes for betting on red/black color, even/odd and high/low numbers. These bets are included in outside group of stakes and are usually regarded as less risky and less profitable correspondingly.

Roulette game performance

Generally, the way of game performing depends on the type of roulette variation, but there are a lot of common features for all types of roulette.

Usually, there are 6 or 8 players at the table who make their bets by placing chips on the needful positions. Roulette chips are colored individually for each player in order not to be mixed and could be bought from a dealer. Once all bets are made and croupier has said 'No more bets,' nobody is allowed to replace or add new chips. A dealer spins roulette wheel and the ball in opposite directions and when it lands into one of the pockets, a croupier announces an outcome, clears off loosing bets and pays payoffs to winners.


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