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The History of Playtech

Playtech started out in 1999. Ever since then, it has actively taken part in the online gambling evolution. Their applications of multi-gaming include betting in online casinos, online poker, live dealing, and online bingo - all of which are accessible and manageable for players on one gaming interface. Additionally, Playtech has helped several top operators of sports books out there.

As a company, Playtech is known all over the world. It has 170 employees and a pre-screened client portfolio, which is always growing. Normally, brand new games come out in small groups of five. Every additional software gets validated through BMM International, as well, serving as a consultant for gaming regulations.


Aside from their big contribution to the prevention of fraud and the collusion of dealer and player, Playtech is responsible for making some famous online betting technologies, as well, such as the use of a lot of contemporary technologies for customer support, video streaming and the history tracking of player transactions. Also, aside from the development of the gaming interface, Playtech is responsible for showing the world the system of VIP rating and the regular system of comp points that are used at a lot of online casinos today.

Gaming engines also allow the use of various currencies and multilingual capacities. The newer clients of Playtech,a lot of which have transferred to Playtech from unreliable older software, exist on various continents, as well, including European, North American and Asian denominations.

Another Playtech innovation would be its progressive network of casino machines that has brought about quite a few winners of millions of dollars. This progressive network has a few slot machines, video poker machines and mega ball machines. It also makes several huge jackpots online.

Playtech Software Features

When talking about graphics, Playtech software has a finely animated and realistic gambling interface overall. The games include regular card and table games, keno, video machines, poker, various slot versions and progressive and multi-line jackpots.

The playing modes tend to be diverse, letting gamblers choose from private play to multi-player play. Other adjustments that could be personalized include the settings of the game speed, the options of the sound effects, and the layouts of the playing cards. Players can also access the details of their transaction logs when it comes to their betting amounts and deposits for every game. This can only be accessed by the actual account players, though, and is properly protected with encrypted passwords and usernames.


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