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Roulette History

Roulette's history goes through six centuries and two continents, and is full of amazing events, high staked actions and colorful events. From Monte Carlo's luxurious salons of gaming to Las Vegas' bright lights, roulette in casinos has captured players' imaginations for years; the same goes for the online version of the game.

A lot of historians think that roulette has been around ever since the wheel was invented. One theory revolves around European merchants hearing about it from trading partners in Asia, while another theory claims that a French philosopher and mathematician named Blaise Pascal invented it during the 1800s. Either way, the French are the ones who made the game popular and called it roulette in the first place.


French settlers are the one who brought roulette to the rest of the world after creating colonies in Quebec and Louisiana. Roulette's history in America started with a lot of gaming halls and casinos in New Orleans during the 1900s.

While settlers moved to the West of America, their favorite activities of gambling went with them. Games of casino roulette showed up in saloons in the West with poker, dice and faro games. Opulent gaming saloons in California, as well as mining towns, featured roulette for various players of any race, colors, income level and job. That's where roulette's history started taking wild turns.

One turn that made roulette history would be the American wheel with two zeroes. In classic casino roulette, wheels had one zero. However, owners of American casinos wanted to get a higher advantage over the players, so they made a wheel with a 0 and a 00. This extra pocket actually doubled the take of the house on each game.

Roulette became even more popular during the 1930s when Nevada made casino gaming legal. After establishing the Vegas ranch in 1941, and the Flamingo soon after that, the now famous strip of Las Vegas started growing and attracting players the world over.

The Online History

As developers of software realized the growth and power of the World Wide Web, the history of roulette started online and took shape there. The very first casinos online appeared during the 1990s and roulette became a highly popular game online from then on.

As with its traditional counterpart, the online history of roulette is full of big-betting and bold players who hope to crack computer codes in order to take control of the online wheel's random outcomes. This has resulted in tons of website, books, and articles offering up betting systems that can supposedly help people beat the game.


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