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Roulette game table layout, how to behave at the table

It is impossible to imagine roulette game without one of its main intrinsic attributes - a roulette table. From the very beginning of roulette history gamblers all over the worlds have used it for placing their chips and in such way making winning and losing bets.

Common features of roulette table layouts

Generally, roulette table layout contains 18 black and 18 red numbers plus 1 single zero position in European roulette, and two zero positions in American variation. All the numbers are divided with lines, which form some kind of grid made of 3 columns and 12 rows. Zero slots are to be located at the top of table layout, just near the numbers 1, 2 and 3 in both versions of roulette table game.

All the described area is assigned for making inside bets while in case of outside betting gamblers place their chips in one of the seven boxes, which are namely: red/black color bets, odd/even number bets, high/low number bets and four boxes for column/dozen and split columns/dozens bets.

Differences between American and European table layouts

There are mainly two different types of roulette table game designs which are associated with two major types of roulette itself: American table layout and European one. Both of them are usually offered in best roulette casinos, so players could select which one suits them best.

Roulette tables are constructed in a very similar way and serve the same purpose but there is a little but conceptual difference between them. The sense is that American roulette table contains an additional place for double zero position on it as well as American roulette wheel has it. Actually, this distinction is caused by the initial difference between roulette table game types.

Double zero slot could be regarded as not so essential feature, but the main point is that American roulette offers significantly higher house advantage over players owing to this extra pocket. Particularly, European roulette wheel's house edge is about 3 percent lower than American's one, which makes the first variation of the game more profitable for gamblers.

Another special characteristic of European table game concerns the physical dimension of its table, which is a little bit wider than American one and provides different layout of outside bets positions. They are divided into two equal parts and are located on both ends of table. Moreover, in European roulette table game outside positions are commonly written both in English and French, but there are some exceptions of this tradition.

The last but not the least difference between roulette table layouts lies in the method of gathering chips. It is often practiced in European roulette that croupier or stickman uses special roulette stick to grab the chips from losing bets and divide them between winning players, which means that this procedure takes longer time in European variation.

Additionally, the chips in American roulette table game are usually coloured individually for each player in order to distinguish between them easily while in European version all the chips are of the same color and gamblers should look after their winnings themselves.


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